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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am starting a new venture!!!!!

I am tackling a problem that appears problematic for families with Autistic children!
Many families need both parents to work outside the home.
Families with Autistic children have addressed this problem during the school year....but when Summer arrives it is a different story.
Most public schools in our area provide Summer School for disabled children until 12:00.
Here lies the problem!
Children with Autism react differently than typical children
need special care from someone familiar/trained
in interacting.
Many times a baby-sitter is not the answer for those Summer
Most parents have a hard time finding someone to care for their Autistic child for the remainder of the day!
Not only do these children need special care, they need to be stimulated with therapies such as speech, ABA, occupational and
This is where my new venture comes in!!!!!!
I am starting a non-profit organization,
(A Safe After-school Program)

that will provide
that special care for Autistic children.
I am in the process of finding a location, applying for a 503c non-profit tax status, looking for volunteers and basically getting my business running:D
I have wanted to give back for some time now....but was never sure exactly how.
A working parent with 4 children on the Spectrum spoke to me last summer about her idea and need for this help.
She laid the groundwork for this project!
My granddaughter, Margo is 8 yrs. old and Autistic.
She has a great support system but I still see her mother (my daughter) struggle with this ongoing problem.
I am always there for Margo, but find myself looking at the bigger picture......I can be there for many children with this disability.
If you have any suggestions or comments, they will be greatly appreciated! I will continue to write daily about my progress in hopes that this blog and organization will be of help to those
dealing with Autistic children
to the children existing in the Autistic community!

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