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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving Right Along......

Well, after some fear and doubt.....we are moving forward!
Once up and running, we will be located at Crestwood Plaza in Crestwood, Mo.
Meg Krejci and I will be partnering in this venture.
Meg is the director/owner of Masterpeace Studios
a non-profit wellness center.
Meg works with children with disabilities and is a great match for this program!
With great space this program will bloom!
We are now looking for volunteers to help us with the kids.
I have contacted several of the local High Schools
that require students to do community service!
I have worked with these students before
while teaching art at one of the elementary schools.
We are hoping to get students to provide a 1 to 2 ratio each day.
We will have trained staff as well,
but children with Autism often need that extra attention
to make the day successful!

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